What Is the Role of a Film Director?

You will certainly be able to recognize names like Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, Sofia Coppola and Penny Marshall etc. as they are some of the famous Hollywood film directors.

Becoming a film director is certainly not a straight path, however this craft is both financially as well as artistically quite rewarding.

Following is the main role that any film director has to play or rather what does a director do in order to direct his film.

  • Dissecting and digesting of the screenplay

First of all, the director will conceptualize the story and then try to imagine it in proper sequence to present it before his audience. He will try to visualize every scene in his own mind.

Next thing that director has to think, how effectively can he put all those sequences both behind and in front of the camera that he has imagined.

Director has to make sure that the whole story or the plot that he is going to present before his audience must generate enough interest so that curiosity of people increases.

Director will also imagine how he can create better impression by certain special movement of the camera and also ensure how all the actors act so that they all can fulfill the scheme of things that he wants to do.

  • Discuss with his team

Next, the director will tell his team of people how each of them will contribute to put everything that he has conceptualized into a realty.

There are different roles e.g. script writer, lighting and camera person etc. who will help him to bring all his imagination on the canvas.

They also have certain suggestions so that whatever has been conceptualized can make better impact on the audience.

For instance, the script writer may think of certain effective dialog or a music director can think of certain special music or camera person may suggest a special angle so that the message the director wants to convey can be more effective.

The whole project will come alive only when all the people in the team can complement with each other to put across the message that director wants to convey.

Therefore, it is necessary that the director should clearly able to convey his thoughts and imagination to his team.

  • Managing the other production staff

There are host of activities that goes behind making a film and the director will be the leader of the team who will tell his staff when he will need what.

Besides handling his team of technicians and other professionals, director also has to handle the temperamental actors and actresses who are going to play in front of the camera.

Besides that, there are host of craftsmen and artisans who has to give their contribution as per the director’s vision. There are plenty of thankless jobs that the production staff has to do about various logistics and paper-work.

It is also important for the director to develop good rapport with all these good people who can be crucial for the success of his project.

Director should be able to communicate effectively with all his staff and also help them to solve various problems and bind the team together so that everyone can give their best.

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