Choosing Right Wholesale Tea Supplier and Power of Directories for Business Promotions

Running a small and new tea business is daunting. You are interested in offering fresh classic teas, so the first step is to partner with the best wholesaler or manufacturer. This can make a significant difference. Wholesale is a volume-centric business. The more you purchase, the lower the whole price becomes as a result your profit can be higher.

Actually, the retailers you are purchasing your tea leaves from buy from the wholesaler. Therefore, why not remove the middle man and deal with the wholesaler directly. The commission that the retailer earns is eliminated from the equation altogether.

For a start-up small tea business, you will not be able to negotiate with wholesalers selling bulk. Your sales volume is still not supportive to buy tea in bulk. However, there are small wholesalers who sell to small tea businesses. You can generally buy more as your business develops and soon you will be able to negotiate high volumes at very low rate.

Finding a wholesaler is time consuming but there are some ways to find and research on their background. On the internet, look for local tea wholesalers or search trade directories or World Tea Directoryor YellowPages.

You can even ask at some business networking event for competitor’s source of inventory. Brand manufacturers also sell wholesale but in high volume. They may refer you a distributor who sell to small business. A quick BBB background check is also useful to see if there are any complaints registered.

How will you be certain that the prospective tea wholesaler is the right partner?

Experience and knowledge

The tea importer will have knowledge and familiarity about –

  • Where to look for best tea and product sources?
  • How to navigate import regulations and customs? [It is necessary to ensure that you get steady supply of specific teas]
  • How to package and store teas? [Crucial for optimal freshness and quality]

The tea leaves they source from reliable farmers in small batches ensure maximum end tea freshness. They have the skills to blend teas that complement the food you eat.

Reliable customer service

As your small tea business will be dependent on the wholesale tea supplier, you will need to ensure the commitment, stability, and reliability of their customer service. The supplier’s team needs to be dedicated and enthusiastic towards serving their customers. A good wholesaler understands your preference and recommends teas, which complement their menu, so that you can surprise your customers.

Wide options

Professional wholesalers are masters in customizing blend teas, so their customers get the BEST. They have exotic brews and offer varieties of tea leaves like green, black, Oolong, herbal, white, and flavored blends. You can even purchase loose tea bags in large quantity besides regular tea leaves.

Offers customization

There is always a need to be different than the competitors. To be successful and differentiate from the mass market teas sold at the malls and supermarkets, you will need to consider private labelling.

Partner with a supplier who offers premium quality custom blends that set your product apart from your competitors. It means the wholesaler needs to be aware about existing consumer trends like fitness awareness leading to healthy herbal tea options. Thus, they will design unique products, especially to offer you a competitive edge.

Helps in promotion

A true partner has deep knowledge that their business is successful only if your small business is. Therefore, they need to help you with promotional strategies like promote tea products on their website and link it on your personal business site.

If they have relevant blog and are sharing knowledge then allow you to guest-post on their blog. While posting blogs as guest, make sure that the content is relevant and interesting to direct traffic towards your website.

After finding a wholesaler

Now, you will need to ask about order processing time, volume discounts, and return policies. There will be a wholesale agreement to be signed but make sure that the negotiated pricing terms, delivery schedules, minimum order quantities, and more are included accurately.

Increasing online visibility

After choosing a reliable wholesale tea supplier, you will need to consider online marketing strategy. Online business listing directories are often overlooked and you can tap this in your marketing. Finding and adding your tea business in directories under relevant categories is simple and done in seconds.

Power of adding your tea business on online directories

Increase traffic

Adding your link to a business directory helps to increase traffic towards your website. Companies get great exposure in regards to potential clients and markets, which may otherwise be hard to target. People visiting directories searching for a Tea Company can reach you, if you have a listing present. The other fortunate thing is that you will attract quality traffic.

Rank high and enhance visibility

To rank high on the search engine, backlink is also a crucial algorithm. Therefore, posting links on several online business directories increases backlink numbers, thus getting ranked higher on the search results. Thus, adding to online directories not just helps to rank high but even enhance visibility. Online visibility allows potential buyers to click and reach your website.

Connect with potential customers quickly

Many directories filter business listing by location. This makes it simple for potential local customers to locate you. If you persistently find directories and post website information then you certainly gain a competitive edge. You never know when a customer needs to buy your tea products, so being online with contact information allow them to connect much faster.

Obtain customer testimonials

Several business directories give customers opportunity to rate and review the company performance. Potential buyers looking for specific tea type visit many review sites as well as online directories prior selecting a specific vendor. Comment sections, review sites, and ratings greatly influence decision making. With such testimonies, ratings, and reviews besides your contact details will help enhance business popularity.

Business directories promote your tea company for free. You don’t need to spend significantly on ad campaigns. It is a powerful promoting tool, so take time and add your business on as many directories as possible to reveal your presence currently as well as for years to come.

Deliver freshness in every tea cup by choosing the right wholesaler and improving online visibility!

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