Learn All About the Industrial Condition of Biofuel Technologies

A wide range of biofuel technologies exist in the world but it is uncertain as which one is a truly industrial process. To answer this question, it is very important to first understand about an industrial process. This article will provide you important information about biofuel technologies.

Ways in which industrial state is utilized

To ease users to get an understanding of these industrial processes, let us see different categories in which industrial state is utilized.

Established Industries: These industries provide numerous contemporary facilities that are operational for more than a decade and geographically wide-spread. Novaspectis the best place to experience advanced and the most reliable engineering solutions, operational certainty and reliable valves. 

Developing Industries: These industries comprise of a handful of contemporary industrial-scale amenities with a saleable track record for several years. The geographic scope of these industries is limited;

Demonstration Industries: These are the first to be introduced contemporary full-scale industries that are built as well as operated on a regular basis at a capacity to showcase their operating costs, reliability, and profitability.

Established Biofuel Industries

Biofuel is referred to as the oldest fuel-based industry. However, with the beginning of the twentieth century, coal, natural gas and oil took over the entire fuel industry.

A flourishing market for soybeans, corn, grains, and other kinds of agricultural crops can now be seen in the biodiesel and ethanol industries. In the year 2015, the overall consumption of the above biofuels in the US was:

  • ethanol = 1.15 quadrillion Btu,
  • biodiesel = 0.27 quadrillion Btu,

And capacities were:

  • ethanol = 16 billion gallons,
  • biodiesel = 3 billion gallons

Biofuel industry that uses forestry biomass includes hog fuel, wood chips and wood pellets that are used for heat production and electricity. In the U.S., the consumption of biomass of was 2.05 quadrillion Btu and consumption of wood pellet capacity were 12 million tons.

Developing Biofuel Industries

In the last decade, biogas or anaerobic digester technique appears to get evolved post the demonstration level into the developing class. After a lot of struggle, the biogas sector seems to be acquiring momentum.

If this condition continues then biofuel industries will join the developed industries in the near future. Cellulosic ethanol is referred as 2nd generation biofuels where several renewable diesel sources are included. Some of these are fatty acids and hydro-processed esters.

Demonstration Biofuel Industries

There is a wide range of biofuel technologies that have been under development stage for several years and failed to make their way into the industrial-scale developing class. Two of the very active are concerned to pyrolysis.

Low speed pyrolysis has got a long history. It is recognized for the conventional technology for production of charcoal, but brand new industrial-scale amenities haven’t been developed.

The significance of alternative sources of energy

When talking about energy sources, the advent of groundbreaking biofuel technologies gives consumers with numerous options. These don’t simply usher in new age of renewable energy sources. It helps the rural economy to flourish. Lastly, biofuels assist in addressing the global issue of wastage of food where people used to dispose of food because of the inability to consume expired food.


Hope this article has equipped with all the important information pertaining to biofuel technologies.

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