Do You Want to Start Any Low-Cost Business in Memphis? A Few Ideas

Memphis is well known as a tourist place and if you are interested to start any business then you must explore a little about the business environment of that place.

What kind of Memphis business can be best and profitable can be a little tricky question? However, in this post we are providing few business ideas that are possible at lower investment.

  1. Baked goods store

If you have little expertise on baking then it will be better to earn with your skill. You will find plenty of proper supplier of baked goods in Memphis.

This business can be started from your home kitchen too. You can also prefer to supply customized baking product.

  1. Barber shop

Every one need proper grooming and hair styling, and one can start this business at very low budget.

If you have the right skill and equipment and can provide quality service then certainly develop plenty of clients.

  1. Fitness center

Nowadays everyone is very health conscious and in case you have sufficient experience in this profession then you can start your fitness center.

You may also partner with any nutritionist and start this business.

  1. Fine arts school

People of this city love art and therefore if you have got the talent then you can create a very successful business at very low investment.

  1. Repair shop for second hand appliance

Everyone may not always afford to buy any new appliances and hence there is always a demand for repairing of their broken appliances.

You may need little investment to start such business if you have got the necessary skill and expertise.

  1. Elder care

Aged people need constant assistance and attention. If you love to spend time with aged people then this can be a very good business to start.

You can also build your own community and offer such services to people’s home too.

  1. Car wash service

There are plenty of cars in Memphis and hence people who own cars will need car washing facility. Such business may require some investment however it has the potential to yield good profit too.

  1. Landscaping services

Landscaping means about reshaping and designing of the landscape and not just gardening. If you are one who love nature and also has good aesthetic sense then this can be right business for you.

With little starting money you can start such business.

  1. Driving school

If you are good on wheels and also have your driving license then you can just start earning money by starting a small-scale driving school.

You may require some finance for the fleet and also business licensing, but you can get good income if you really go strategically.

  1. Amusement arcade

If you have sufficient capacity as well as creativity for setting up any amusement arcade, then definitely you can make good money however it will depend upon how much you are interested to take further your business.

  1. Carpet cleaning service

Carpets can be found almost everywhere like hotels, residences, offices and everywhere.

A good business to start your business at a reasonable rate.

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